Gateway to the Greengate Brewery

Gateway of the Greengate Brewery.

The Greengate Brewery is a brewery in England.

The Greengate Brewery is really cottages that were built in the 17th century. The deed of the property refers to the Greengate house being on the site in 1791. John Lee bought the buildings in 1828 with the hopes of creating a brewer, which he did and is still working today under the name JW Lees & Co.

During the 19th century, several workmen died as the result of the sinking of the brewery well. In the 1930’s, the supervisor was missing for several days until his body was recovered at the bottom of the same well.

Since the brewery is still in operation, all reports of hauntings are from those that actually worked at the brewery and some still work there today. Some of the apparitions include a woman sitting at the JW Lees boardroom table sitting with her back up against the table, a lady wearing a long brown dress walking into the kitchen through the staff door, and in the brew house, a figure in a white cloak has been seen several times.

Rumors whether true or not have been told by many staff members. One night watchman claims to have bit hit across the face by someone as he passed by the boardroom. He was so frightened; he waited outside until other staff members arrived at 6am.

One staff member, while eating lunch alone, felt as if someone else entered the room and was standing behind her. Once she looked around, there was no one in sight. A clerk at the brewery claims to have seen a hovering brown-cloaked figure. The figure was tall and slender and moved between the shelves. Then just before her moved through the shelving and disappeared. Spanners and kettles have also been known to move about.

The Most Haunted team found quite a lot of paranormal experiences happening to them.

Before they even turned the lights out and started the investigation there was several loud bangs on barrels coming from the room opposite them.

Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie later walked into that same room with the lights out and heard the sound of corks dropping. This experience left Yvette in tears and with Yvette so frightened they fled the room.

The biggest experience was when Stuart Torevell caught on camera a barrel moving up and down on it's own, a sight witnessed by a few tour groups but never a person on his own.