Outside of the Black Swan Hotel

Outside of the Black Swan Hotel.

The Black Swan Hotel is a hotel in Wiltshire, England.

The Black Swan Hotel was built back in 1732. The Black Swans cellars date back to the 1600s, when a previous pub known as the Nags Head stood on this site. It was owned by a notorious horse dealer and suspected highwayman, Ambrose Saintsbury.

The Black Swan hotel is set in the town square in front of where the town's gallows once stood. It is thought the present-day function room was once a court of judgement, and a meeting place for local freemasons and traders.

It has gained a reputition for hauntings, especially in room 4 where guests and staff have seen the ghost of a young woman walking across the room and another woman sitting at the window crying.

A room in the cellar had some bricks removed from one of the walls and since then paranormal activity has been taking place.


Little paranormal activity was caught on the investigation of the Black Swan Hotel.
Black Swan Hotel bones

The two bones discovered by the Most Haunted team behind a Cellar wall.

  • Taps and light anomilies were recorded several times.
  • After taking down some more of the wall's bricks the Most Haunted team found 2 human bones. The second wall they tried to get through was too stiff to break through so eventually they had to give up.
  • They later heard a loud bang/footstep by the room that they had found the bones in.